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FieldGroup - a rich text editor field for Livecode.

Actually, as the old joke goes, it's not really "rich" text, just comfortably off.

That is, it supports only some fairly basic features compared to a fully-featured rich text editor.

Supported features include :
- multi-level undo/redo
- 'undo' can be reset (e.g. after 'save', or 'open')
- set text style of a chunk by tool button or (sample) menu
- undo includes text style setting
- simple (enclosed) tool bars with text or icon buttons - optional of course.
- each kind of button comes in two sizes
- button tool bars in any one of four placements (top,right,bottom,left)
- view scaling
- call-backs to let the app know when undo/redo are available (e.g. to adjust menus)
- no front scripts used.

FieldGroup is a standalone group which can be simply copy/paste'd into your own stacks, and provides a (moderately) rich set of text field features. You can have as many of these fieldgroups as you want - each is entirely self-contained.

Easy to use - handlers/functions are well documented and (I hope) straightforward to understand and use.The sample stack contains the handler documentation. The downloadable stack includes the group, ready to be copy/pasted, as part of a simple sample app which shows common uses.

Current the stack can be downloaded here.

Released under the MIT license - see the full text within the script of the group in the sample stack.